GMAT Verbal


GMAT Verbal practice with Easy2Migrate for proficiency

GMAT Verbal section test is one of the significant components of the overall GMAT exam. This is the last section of this exam in which there 36 questions. Easy2Migrate makes the aspirant of this exam efficient enough to attempt each question in less than 2 minutes. However, comprehension passage question types take more time than others. Also, the student should keep in mind that once if they answer a question, there is no coming back as it cannot be altered afterward. This is an adaptive type of section, in which the next question is based on the last answered question.

Easy2Migrate teaches and helps students to practice answering all the questions without any digital aid. Besides, there is an erasable note board and a marker pen. The scaled score for the GMAT Verbal ranges from 0 – 60. Sentence correction questions, comprehension passage, and critical reasoning questions are three types of questions in this section of the GMAT.

Tips For GMAT Verbal By Easy2Migrate Experts

  • We will guide you to be in a certain set of rules for the GMAT verbal section. Also, students are guided with certain way updates in this test.
  • One of the important rules that are taught in the sessions of this test is prioritizing the types of questions. We advise students to try to attempt the questions which they find easy.
  • Our experts will help students in analyzing their errors and work on them. We will provide students the most reliable explanation to know their errors while answering the questions.

The students should understand, it is like a two-way process to score well in the GMAT Verbal section. An affirmative strategy and improvement in the weak sections are two key aspects of scoring greatly in this exam. So, connect with Easy2Migrate to get more details about the GMAT Verbal Test.