Why Study in Canada: Top 10 Reasons to Study in Canada

Why Study in Canada: Top 10 Reasons to Study in Canada

Why Study in Canada: Top 10 Reasons to Study in Canada

What aspects would you think about if you were thinking about studying abroad? Why should you go to Canada to study? Why do so many students favour Canada as their preferred study destination?

The benefits of studying in Canada are extensive and include anything from top-notch instruction to a clear path to permanent residency.

One of the most popular places for students to study abroad is Canada. Canada consistently ranks as one of the top destinations for study abroad and is renowned for the high standard of living of its citizens.

10 Benefits of Studying in Canada.

If you’re seeking for a place abroad to pursue your education and start your career, look no further. Here are the top 10 justifications for choosing Canada as a study destination:

  1. Quality of Life– Safe and Peaceful

Both Canadians and international students enjoy a good standard of living in Canada. It’s a great area to live and work. In fact, it is ranked best in the world for quality of life.

One of the safest countries in the world has long been considered to be Canada. You will have the same rights as any other Canadian as an international student. A high quality of life also includes having access to top-notch medical care, a top-notch educational system, and other essentials like clean air, clean water, a low population density, a sense of space, etc.

  1. Academic Excellence

Due to the fact that education is a provincial responsibility, all provincial governments in Canada, regardless of the type of institution (college or university), make sure that the level of education is constantly very high.

In terms of educational streams, Canadian colleges and universities offer a wide range of courses from different streams. You can be sure to locate a pertinent course in Canada, whether your field is engineering, IT, healthcare, agriculture, sports, management, accounting, economics, mining, petroleum, renewable energy, or any other.

  1. It’s affordable

When compared to other popular study abroad countries, Canada’s universities offer relatively lower tuition. For Indian students, it is a very practical option when weighing the return on investment and the fantastic part- and full-time employment prospects. To lower their tuition costs, qualified students can also apply to a variety of scholarships.

  1. Opportunity to Work While Studying in Canada

The fact that international students are permitted to work 20 hours per week during their semester is one of the main benefits of studying in Canada. Students who want to work on campus or as interns in any business do not need a separate work permit because their study permit is enough to support them in finding a part-time job while they are in school.

  1. Cultural diversity

The people of Canada are friendly and inviting. Canada has traditionally welcomed immigrants from many different nations. As a result, Canada has a greater range of cultures. Diversity is celebrated in Canada and among Canadians as a strength. Students can participate in festivals from various ethnic groups throughout the year, and the best thing is that the nation as a whole celebrates each holiday, not just the ethnic group! You name it: from Chinese New Year to Holi, from Christmas to Diwali!

  1. Opportunities for immigration

International students are, in my opinion, the ideal candidates to become future Canadians since they stay in Canada for an extended period of time. They have plenty of time to learn about and adapt to Canadian culture while they are in school, and they have up to three years after they have finished their education to learn about Canadian workplace culture and what it takes to succeed there.

  1. Healthcare Services in Canada.

Medical insurance is a requirement for all overseas students studying in Canada. The provincial health-care system in Canada covers both emergency care and basic and preventative medical services. To utilise these services, you must be an international student with a current study visa and be eligible for a provincial health care card.

  1. Opportunity for Post Work Permit in Canada.

Indian students studying in Canada gain access to a post-graduation work permit scheme that enables them to remain and work there. The duration of a post-graduation employment permit cannot exceed the length of the student’s academic programme. This chance enables overseas students who have completed their studies at a college or university to acquire work experience in Canada.

  1. Focus on skill development

Cooperative labour is a beautiful method that exists in Canada. In essence, co-op offers students job opportunities in their industry-specific fields while they are still in school. Consequently, an engineering student has the chance to work for an engineering firm while they are still in school. By exposing the pupils to the workplace early on, this instils discipline while also preparing them for life in the real world.

  1. Numerous Research Opportunities

International students will have several chances to work with different scientists in their specialised fields. One of the most significant benefits of the Canadian educational system is the collaboration between industry and universities to foster increased research and development. This is an example of how research and development conducted by overseas students is applied in actual settings. Some universities, like the University of Toronto, are considered as global leaders when it comes to research infrastructure.

You may make a better decision and find a possibility if you prepare in advance and learn how you can make your dream of studying in Canada a reality. Now that you are aware of some of the top reasons to do so.

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