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Country Selection

Country Selection

After the successful counseling with you and understanding the requirements of yours, we would be happy to go to the next step of selecting the best country according to your needs. Selecting the country requires a lot of R&D and many parameters to select a country which caters your needs. Some of them are affordability, education standards and academic environment, immigration and visa facilities, Job prospects, etc. that may affect the choice of your country for higher studies. We counsel students with having real-life experience of living in those countries and there are staff members in Easy2Migrate have abroad living experiences. We may take a long time but we make the firm decision to guide you in the best possible way.

Country Selection

For Example, the USA is the country which has always been the 1st choice for Indians when it comes to education and lifestyle. The USA usually gives only 1 single study visa for more than 3 months and that can be explained in detail in our face to face meeting.

Australia is the country which is also coming very close to the USA in terms of their education and living standards, Australia offers a variety of culture and vibrant landscape which is added advantage when someone goes there to study and post-study permit varies from 1 year – 2 years and 4 years depending on the location. Permanent Residency options are available with and without family depending on the eligibility. Australia offers a variety of visas which can be explained in detail in person.

Study in the UK is more like a dream come true for many; it was the time when students only wanted to pursue higher education only in the UK because the UK offered best education for Engineering, Business, Science and Management. While staying back facility was also available but since a few years it has been stopped and the students were opting for other countries which could give similar opportunities. The UK is back with the Post Study Visa Options and that is of 2 years after the education so the rush of students is high at this stage.

Europe is a new continent where students prefer if they want to study at a low cost. Europe also offers a quality of education with the post-study work permit in many-a-countries as we cater about 26 Schengen countries student visa. Many countries in Europe give free education to a low-cost education tuition fee where all kind of courses can be studied; every country is selected for a specific program to study. It would be nice to have a chat in person to choose the right country for your further education.

Canada is the country has higher education and living standards, Canada offers low to high tuition fees and all the courses are well taught by PhD holders in either colleges or universities. Post Study Permit is also available which varies from 1 year and 2 years depending on course length. Permanent Residency options are available with and without family depending on the eligibility. Canada offers a variety of visas which can be explained in detail in person.