Filling Application Form

Filling Application Form

Once Easy2Migrate counsels you for the first important steps, we then start applying to the universities/colleges with the desired course selection process. We have to be very sure and precise as the requirements are different for every university/college and it is crucial to go through the process with the utmost care. We evaluate certain parameters of the students such as their stream of academics, GPA, language Score and work experience if any to verify the fulfilment of all the requirements.

While doing the application at the school we also help you with the scholarship forms. We smooth the progress of in the writing of SOP (Statement of Purpose) or Motivation letters for both regular or scholarship admissions. There are several Letter of Recommendations also needed in various countries from last education or the previous education depending on the requirement, we help in building that for the client as well. The content sometimes given to the client depends if the client is not able to fulfil on their own. Sending all the package to the designated universities or colleges before the deadline because there always going to be many candidates fight to get the admission. There are also many universities/colleges that have the admission process online, complete digital where we take care of the application there as well.

Besides, we wait till you receive the Conditional or unconditional offer letter after continuous follow up with the school to make sure the offer comes before time. Guaranteed admission is a myth because the school has their own way of taking the application but due to a high number of applications we at Easy2Migrate do not provide any verbal or written guarantee that the admission will be given by the school but we will try our best to make sure the admission happens. There are plenty of universities/colleges may or may not take the courier charge to send the offer Or i20 form to the candidate, which will be mentioned once we have shortlisted the names of the same.

Application Form

Choosing the correct document type with proper formats are the keys to have the offer from the elected universities/colleges, as it speeds up the process for the next level if they want to conduct any interviews or not then issue the letter to the candidates because that letter helps the candidate to get an education loan or not. The less number of documents or improper formats would lead in the delay to issue the letter of acceptance.