Pre – Post Departure Assistance


Easy2Migrate never leave any stone unturned to help visa aspirants with any sort of immigration-related query. This is like one-stop for all your questions adviser’s services and assistance for immigration. Our professionals have some hands-on experience in this industry and they can guide you in the right way to avoid you being misled by fraudulent practices in this vast industry.

We try not to miss any services and try to come up with the best customer experience possible. This is the reason we organize pre-departure assistance, counseling session to help our students with the 360-degree knowledge of the life they are going to you start now. There are so many things that a student feels before leaving his or her home country full stop, it is not easy to leave our home sis like this but no doubt, studying abroad is worth all the sacrifice. We understand the feeling of parents as well as those children who are going to start a new journey. Our pre-departure help is like a guide and advice to make them clear about a few things that they might be facing in the upcoming future.

Whether it is something related to transit luggage or maybe just confusion to be at the airport for international travel we are there to help. Dear Student, you don’t have to worry as you have your back. Our experts will not leave you at any point and provide you with all the necessary details in clear ways.


Pre Post Departure Assistance

You can also get our checklist to avoid skipping anything while the departure and facing any hassle. We try to be 24/7 available for you to give you a good piece of advice whenever you required it. We are not just the consultants we believe in creating a long term Bond with our customers who believe in us with their future life and an appreciable career path.

Another important thing and service that we get our customers with are post departure services. Not just leaving their home country is difficult for the students, but to adjust in completely new atmosphere new surroundings is even difficult sometimes. This when our expertise comes handy for our dear students. Our links in the country they are going to initiate a new life will be of great help for them. Part-time jobs, accommodation and finding some helpful acquaintances can be some of our sweet gestures for our customers. Our core motive is to provide the students with a home away from home with our networking and experience in the domain, to get more information about our pre and post departure assistance reached out to us get all the details.