Asian Countries


Visit Asian Countries For An Easily Accessible And Never-Ending Fun

There are over 48 Asian countries, but among them, all, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia is famous for a great tourism experience. Each country has its own list of famous tourist spots to visit and enjoy in. Let’s get to know a little information about the richness and glory they got to offer.

  • Hong Kong– Urban infrastructure & attractions as well as top-class shopping centers are a major reason why people visit Hong Kong. Besides, there is a rich Chinese culture, dragon dance, carnivals, and events, that visitors find really intriguing. Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds Hong King and Disney land are three main attraction spots in Hong Kong.
  • Thailand– When someone en routes Asia, chances are high they will surely go to Thailand. Food, and amazing weather with some world-wide famous tourist places- Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and Bangkok. Even, it is so famous that when somebody thinks about endless fun on beaches, Thailand is there in his imagination. On-arrival visa for most of the tourists makes this holiday destination way more approachable for keen travelers.
  • Malaysia– Hiking is a breathtaking experience in Malaysia at Mount Kinabalu in the state of Sabah. Also, you would not soon overcome the thrill of diving into the Sipidian’s water. For all the history lovers, you won’t be disappointed in this symbolic place of modern architecture with colonial buildings of British, Dutch and Portuguese style. George Town, Kota Kinabalu, and Kaula Lumpur are famous destinations in Malaysia that travelers definitely love to visit.
  • Indonesia– Volcanoes, beaches and delicious food are the main causes of the popularity of Indonesia as a tourist destination. Even, you can see a rare Komodo Dragon species there. People love to see 9th-century Buddhist temples in Indonesia and Istiqual Mosque too. Jakarta, Ubud, and Yogyakarta are famous places to visit in this Asian country.
  • Singapore– An Asian country with divine cultures and strict rules & regulations. Yes, it is Singapore. Various food options are available under $10 in Singapore and this is the reason why people fall in love with the exclusive delicacies present there. Pulau Ujong, Woodlands, Jurong East, Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple, and Sultan Mosque are renowned spots in this well-organized country. And, you would be glad to know that from Singapore various routes expands to different travel countries.

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