Documentation Assistant

Documentation Assistant

As mentioned in the Form Filling section, the documents play the key role in getting the admissions and the visa for the candidate. Here at Easy2Migrate, We take care of this matter very seriously and without the proper documentation, At Easy2Migrate we do not make an application to our reputed universities/colleges. We have a healthy relationship with them so taking care of them is also very important and also for the candidate, if the documents are in order then it gets easier for you to get selected.

Easy2Migrate help their customers with all the necessary documents required for enrollment, migrate, or travel visas. We advise you from scratch to follow strict rules and procedures which needs to be adopted while arranging and submitting these documents. Our updates are sourced from authentic sources to avoid any false information regarding rules as well as the process regarding any visa procedures we deal with. We believe in taking up genuine procedures and no falsehood to obtain visas and we ensure documents from our end are completely genuine to avoid any issue.

Document Assistance

Easy2Migrate students do not face any problem, confusion or backlash as we facilitate them with proper guidance, and proper documentation. Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendations, Cover letters, College transcript formats, Work experience documents and Bank statements to support your financials in the foreign countries are also part of the documentation procedure which gets shared to the particular college and universities as well. Some European universities and colleges also ask for Apostiled documents SDM or Double SDM or it can be authenticated by their embassy, translation of the documents in several European universities are also an important part of the European Schengen countries student visa.

Apart from this, we assist students with financial aids to support their study abroad dream despite being on a restricted budget. We understand getting an education loan can be a cumbersome task for the students. So, we use our best connections and resources to bring ease in this process and make sure it does not take too long for them to get a loan for their education. Also, we guide them with the best possible places where they should apply for a loan and where, most likely they will get without much hassle. We have few representatives who could help the students to guide if they are eligible for the education loan as it depends on many background checks, financial stability, and mortgage availability by the applicant or co-applicant. It is important to figure out such requirements before we get the offer letter from the school because once we have the offer, it usually gives pretty less time to pay the first year tuition fee, so it is important not to miss the deadline of the tuition fee of the first year.

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